CS 2 (Winter 2022) Getting Help

Office hours in this instance of CS 2 will be a little different than CS 1 and previous iterations of CS 2; so, please read at least the tl;dr carefully!


The ticketing system should be your first stop for help, but you can always go to “walk-in” office hours if necessary. To submit a ticket, click on “Submit a Ticket” in the top right.

To submit tickets both during and outside of office hours, go to https://qa.debuggi.ng/cs2!

CS 2 help for each day is split into two segments:

Detailed Explanation

Office Hours

Generally, office hours are most days from 7pm - midnight (see calendar for exact schedule). During these office hours, there are two ways for you to get help:


Generally, you can submit a ticket at any time of day. TAs will respond as quickly as they can throughout the day, and if your question needs to be answered at office hours, we will mark it as such. We encourage you to ask well thought out questions so that we can help you effectively.

To submit a ticket, click on “Submit a Ticket” in the top right, then fill out the form that will look something like this:

You’ll get an email when we address your ticket. If appropriate, at this point you can reply to the email or reply on the ticketing site.

In the event that your question is sent to office hours, you should come to office hours at your earliest convenience and reply to the ticket saying that you are ready–we will then help you on Discord as soon as we can. Note that submitting a vague question will not necessarily get you sent to office hours; in fact, we will likely ask you to be more specific about what you’re confused about.